Fitting Room Confessions: Kardashian Kurves

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Fitting Room Confessions: Kardashian Kurves

Sears is home to the Kardashian Clothing line. Some time ago the Kardashian line expanded their repertoire to add plus size clothing, and I was not very impressed. However, I recently went to my nearest Sears and tried a couple of their new clothing pieces. Here is my review:

As far as the plus size line goes, the selection is quite good. They have dresses, jeans, pants, tops, blazers, and fitness attire. The colors are trendy and the patterns are fashion forward. 

Price and Quality:
The prices in this line are extremely steep and the quality of some of their pieces is simply not worth spending retail price. However, Sears, at least when I went, had amazing deals on their jeans and a 40% off on other items. 

The fit of 99.9% of the things that I tried is irregular. I had to go up a size or two on certain pieces, which is why my fitting room confessions is so short. I got tired of leaving the fitting room to exchange pieces. The jeans that I tried, however, are pretty true to size, extremely comfortable, and super stretchy. 

The Kardashian Kurves line is very complete and trendy. They have a variety of styles and patterns that will sure fit your style. They also have accessories to complement your outfit. 

The quality of some of the pieces seemed to be a little low for the price and the irregular fitting can get a little annoying at times. Fortunately, they do go up to a size 24, but I hate having to dress and undress to go get a new size.

Here are some of the pieces I tried. The jeans (blue and "coral") I had to buy. THEY ARE AMAZING! 


Sears es la casa de la linea de ropa Kardashian. Unos meses atras esta linea se expandio a incluir en su repertorio una linea de ropa "plus" llamada Kardashian Kurves. Inicialmente no me gusto mucho lo que ofrecían, pero en esta visita a la tienda Sears si quede complacida. Aqui esta mi reseña:

En cuestión de la linea plus, la seleccion es buena ya que cuenta con vestidos, pantalones, blusas, sacos, y ropa deportiva. Tambien, los colores e imprenta son a la moda. 

Precio y Calidad:
Los precios de esta linea son extremadamente altos para la calidad de la ropa. Lo bueno es que Sears por lo regular tiene buenas ventas. Cuando fui tenían el 40% de descuento en la mayoría de las piezas. Yo, en lo personal, no pagaría el precio regular por ellas.

El Corte:
El corte del 99.9% de la ropa que me probe es irregular. Tuve que agarrar una o dos tallas mas grande en algunas piezas, lo cual es la razon por la cual mi post del dia de hoy es corto. Me canse de entrar y salir del vestidor para cambiar tallas. Los jeans que me probe si son a la medida, aparte de que son mega comodos y super stretch. 

La linea Kardashian Kurves esta muy completa y tiene cosas a la moda. Tienen variedad y estilos que seguramente te gustaran. También tienen accesorios que complementan tus atuendos.

La calidad de alguna de las piezas es relativamente baja por el precio que la venden. Tambien, el corte irregular puede ser algo que como consumidora me desespero. Afortunadamente, tienen medidas del 18-24. 

Aqui abajo les dejo algunas de las cosas que me probe. Los jeans (azules y coral) los tube que comprar. SON LO MAXIMO! Pronto un Haul!

9 comentarios :

  1. Cute clothes, but I agree. The quality of some of the clothes is not worth the price. Lovin' the bright colors!

    1. The jeans are to die for though. I payed thirty something and they do not stretch out after hours of wear as some others do. 100% recommend them if you can get them on sale! :D

  2. I haven't been to a sears recently but I remember when I looked at there kurves line I wasnt too impressed by it. But thanks for reviewing it, I might go in and check some of there things out next time I'm at the mall.


    1. I think this new collection has some great pieces; however, I think they take FOREVER to release new items hehe :P Check it out and let me know how your like it! :D

  3. That orange blazer is DIVINE on you!

    I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You're such a darling Alessandra!

    -White Tee Black Dress

    Check it out in my latest post -

    1. Yay! I will check it out asap :D


  4. I purchased them because they are cute, but I will be returning them soon. I got buyers remorse because they are the same quality as many of my F21 blazers which are more than 1/2 the cost. The jeans, on the other hand, are super cute and comfy and at 30 something dls. I love them!

  5. I have always wondered about the Kardashian Kollection, so glad I read all of your input on their clothing line! I am a San Diego blogger myself and am semi-new to this world. Would love it if you came and stopped by if you get a chance :)

    Xo, Amanda

  6. Didn't really like these clothes when i saw them @ Sears in D.C. Not my thing.

    Big hugz from Peru, nice blog :)


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