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Beautify Your Outdoor and Indoor Space + Casual Outfit of The day

O.K. girls... as I told you a few weeks ago, one of my projects has been to spice up my outdoor space, but I also want to give my inside a little bit of color. That is why yesterday I headed over to Walmart and decided to buy more of the Miracle Gro Potting Mix and a couple of very inexpensive pots. 

I wanted to start my big project by planting small pots with colorful flowers that I can move around depending on the occasion. I fell in love with the small pink cactus and the Celosias and decided to start with that. 

L.A. Girl Nudes Palette Swatches & Review

When I received the L.A Girl Nudes Palette I could not help but compare it to the Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay. As many of you know, I love pink undertone eyeshadows and that is why the Naked 3 Palette is my favorite. The two palettes are extremely similar; however, the L.A. Girl Nudes Palette has its own personality. The shimmery/satin shades are a bit more shimmery than those by Urban Decay; however, that is not necessarily something negative. I have been using the L.A. Girl palette like crazy (FYI: pictures were taken before use lol), and I'm very happy with it. 

The palette is very inexpensive, is it worth it?
Absolutely! The eyeshadows in the L.A. Girl Nudes Palette are very pigmented and easy to blend. You do get quite a bit of fall out; however, that is easily solved by tapping your brush, and, to be fair, the Naked 3 shadows are also a bit chalky/powdery. 

At a price of $9.00 USD the L.A. Girl Nude Palette delivers quality and affordability. You get 12 eyeshadows that will help you create amazing day and night looks. 

Moda Para Gorditas: Atuendo Casual

Aqui les comparto mi atuendo del día de este Domingo. Fue super casual pero, según yo, super chic. La comodidad no tiene que ser fodonguez (no creo que se escriba así o tal vez no es una palabra jaja pero saben lo que quiero decir). 


Hey Girls! I just wanted to share with you some quick (thus the quality) outfit photos that I took last Sunday. This is a very casual, but very chic, outfit. All of the pieces are super comfortable, which reminds me that confort does not have to mean baggy! :D 

Two Ways to Style a Tutu: Chambray and Tulle

Style has no size ladies! That's exactly what I wanted to show you girls when I paired with my good friend Paulina from Lil Bits of Chic. Like many of you, I look at magazines, Pinterest, and blogs for fashion inspiration, and I'm not going to lie, many times I have thought: "that outfit looks great on X celebrity or blogger, but I cannot pull it off." But, to be honest, blogging has actually made me a little more bold. Ever since I purchased my first black tulle skirt, I have loved the way these type of skirts look on me. They are not the easiest to style, but I love them and I'm willing to work with these pieces to achieve a chic and classy look.

The skirt that I'm wearing here is from the new plus size line from Charlotte Russe. YES, Charlotte Russe carries plus size now, and they have some great selection of pieces. I will be featuring more in the next weeks.

Overall, I loved this look and I cannot wait to try another outfit with one of my lace tops and my nude pumps, just like Paulina did for her outfit. Pau has an amazing style, and just like her blog, she is also very chic.

So, don't be afraid to try the looks you fall in love with, or even the crazy outfits that your mind puts together. Plus size or not, style has no size! Have fun with fashion!

Check out www.lilbitsofchic.com for more outfit details!

Alistándonos Para un Verano en Familia || Getting Ready for Summer Family Time (GIVEAWAY)

¿Cuantas de ustedes tienen proyectos sin comenzar? Si les pido que salgan ahora mismo a su jardín y que me manden una foto de el, ¿lo harían? ¿Están orgullosas de ese espacio? Si tu respuesta es no, entonces no te preocupes por que seguramente estamos en las mismas.

Mi jardín es muy grande. Aun nos falta mucho trabajo para que nos quede como lo envisionamos cuando nos mudamos a esta casa hace muchos años. Nosotros, como muchas personas, aveces no le damos el mantenimiento debido a nuestro jardín ya que se requiere dinero y tiempo.

Muchas de ustedes que ven mis vlogs seguido saben que el Bigotes (mi novio) y yo siempre andamos asando salchichas. O.k, no siempre, pero si muy seguido jaja, admito que aveces se nos queman. Hace unas semanas se "murió" mi asador y me dije "Ale, auto regalate un nuevo asador y aunque no puedas cambiar todo tu jardín, trabaja en una pequeña area que sea tu espacio para cocinar, que lo haga ver mas vivo, y que incite a pasar mas tiempo con la familia."

Así que ese es mi propósito para este mes. Espero que me quede bien! (pongamos changuitos). Ya que termine ese proyecto les mostrare como me quedo. Creo que si empezamos a trabajar en espacios pequeños nuestro proyecto grande de re-diseñar el jardín sera aun mas fácil por que no nos vamos a estresar por el dinero o por el tiempo.