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3 Tips to Purchase Jeans If You Are Apple Shaped | 3 Consejos Para Encontrar Jeans Si Tienes Figura de "Manzana"

*This is a sponsored post; however, all opinions are my own.

Let's talk about shopping for jeans! Apple shaped women, like myself, carry the majority of their weight in the mid area. This can be a bit very frustrating because when you find a pair of jeans that fit well in the mid area, sometimes they do not fit well on the legs, or the back, or it may be too long. I know how frustrating it can be; therefore, I wanted to share 5 tips that I have learned along the way, and that I think will help you on your next shopping spree!

Tip #1: Do not get frustrated!
Wether you are apple shaped or not, this is one of the main problems of many women. We tend to get frustrated when we cannot find a right fit. Our frustration leads us to believe that we will NEVER find anything that will work out. I've been there many times, and I know that feeling; however, I have found that we just need to be patient. It may take several trips to the store to actually find a pair that works, but you will! Trust me!

Tip #2: Stretch is your best friend
For me, stretch has been my best friend. Pants that do not have a stretchy waistband either give me a muffin top, or are too loose on the thigh area, so try to find jeans that have a little stretch on the waistband so that you have a great fit all around.

Espagueti en Chile Chipotle Con La Morena || Recetas Para la Cuaresma

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #VivaLaMorena #CollectiveBias

La época de cuaresma ya comenzó! Pero aunque no podamos comer carne, tus platillos no tienen por que ser aburridos. En esta ocasión les quiero compartir una receta que a mi familia y a mi nos encanta, y es una de las comidas favoritas de nuestros invitados durante las fiestas. Hay amigos que hasta nos piden para llevar (no es broma). Por lo general este platillo lo acompañamos con un pavo en el día de Acción de Gracias y le añadimos trocitos de jamón al Espagueti, pero por motivo de la cuaresma, esta ocasión decidimos hacerlo sin nada de carne y créanme que aun así sabe igual de rico!

Yo no se, pero aunque amo la comida italiana, la comida sin picante, no es comida. Por eso el día he hoy les traigo lo mejor de los dos mundos y les enseñare a hacer un "Espagueti en Chile Chipotle." Si eres como yo que no puedes vivir sin la comida picante, esta receta te va a encantar! Y si no te gusta el picante, pues solo añade menos chiles y aun así tendrá el rico sabor del chipotle pero sin que tengas que correr por un vaso de agua al probarlo!


Lent time is here, but don't worry, there is no need to stress out in the kitchen. On this occasion I want to share with you a family recipe that we love and that is always a hit with our friends. We usually make this during the holidays, like Christmas or Thanksgiving, and believe it or not, some of our friends even ask to take some of it home. Yes, it is that good! We usually make it along with a ham or a turkey, but for Lent season, we are going to make it in a more simple way (but not less delicious).

I don't know about you, but I love Italian food; however, my Latina blood always craves the spiciness of our Mexican food. So, I decided to bring to you the best of both worlds with this "Spaghetti in Chipotle Sauce." If you are like me and you cannot live without spicy food, you are going to love it, and if you hate spicy food, all you need to do is add less chipotles in the mix and voila! You will get the flavor of the Chipotle, but without running to get a glass of water after you try it!

3 Tips To Survive an Oil Change ft. Walmart's Automotive Care Center & Pennzoil

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. Este post a sido compensado por Collective Bias, Inc. y sus anunciantes. Todas las opiniones son mias! #DropShopAndOil #CollectiveBias

Taking my car to get serviced is one of the things I dread the most. Sitting in a boring waiting area is just not my thing, I feel like I'm wasting time and I know you feel the same way. If you follow me on my Spanish daily vlog channel, then you might remember the day I went to a dealership and I spent more than 5 HOURS to get an oil change! I promised never to return. This past weekend, I found an excellent way to survive an oil change and without spending a million dollars! 

This time I went to Walmart's Automotive Care Center to get an oil change. Disclosure, I know nothing about cars; however, the associate that greeted me explained to me how to check the oil in my car and gave me all the information I needed to decide which oil service was best for my car. I choose the "High Milage Vehicle" service. This oil is recommended for cars with over 75,000 miles. It helps reduce leaks and oil consumption

Knott's Turns Pink! + Theme Park Outfit

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Knott's For the Cure Press Conference Breakfast. In case you have not heard yet, Knott's Berry Farm will be turning pink from now until March 27 in support of breast cancer awareness. With every ticket you buy, you will be helping Susan G. Komen of Orange County, which is an organizations that offers free screenings, education, and support to breast cancer patients and survivors. 

I was amazed at all of the support that Knott's Berry Farm, as well as Northgate Gonzalez Market, give to this organization. They allow Susan G. Komen to attend their facilities to provide free screenings to their workers and clients. For me, those actions speak louder than words and I applaud both of them for truly caring about the health of their employees. 

One of the key speakers at the conference was Jaime Jenkins, a blogger who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I could not help getting teary when she talked about her experience. Being alert and reminding ourselves of the importance of early screening is vital every day of the year. Cancer is often times curable if treated early. So, I invite you to pre-screen yourself, go to a clinic, or, if money is an issue, search for non-profit organizations that may offer free screenings locally. Let's reduce the mortality rate and increase the survivor rate! Let's work together for the cure!

If you are traveling to Southern California, or if you are a local, visit Knott's Berry Farm and save $26 dollars on your Park's entrance ticket by purchasing a Pink Ticket. To save, the only thing you have to do is purchase your ticket online here! FYI: This was my first time at Knott's and I loved it. It's a small park, but with fun attractions for everyone, even for those who, like me, don't like those super complex rides that make your neck hurt hehe. It was a rainy day in L.A. but that did not ruin our day!

Ayer tube el placer de estar en el "Desayuno Por La Cura del Cáncer con Knott's." Por si aun no lo saben, Knott's se torna de rosa desde hoy y hasta el 27 de Marzo. Con cada boleto y compra de mercancia "rosa" estaras ayudando a apoyar a la organización Susan G. Komen de Orange CountyEsta organización ofrece mamogramas gratis, así como educación, y apoyo a personas con Cancer y a sus familias. 

Me sorprendi de todo el apoyo que han recibido de parte de Knott's y compañías como Northgate Gonzalez Marketquienes permiten la presencia de la organización en sus estacionamientos para brindarles mamogramas gratis a sus empleadas y clientes. Para mi esas acciones dicen mas que mil palabras y aplaudo a esas dos compañías por preocuparse por el bienestar de sus empleados. 

La invitada principal a esta conferencia fue Jaime Jenkins, una bloggera quien sufre de cáncer en fase cuatro. Mientras hablaba de su experiencia, no pude evitar que se me llenaran los ojos de lagrimas. De verdad chicas, que debemos de estar alertas y conscientes de la importancia de la detección temprana, no solo en octubre, si no todos los días del año. El Cancer es curable, o a menos puede ser contenido, si se detecta a tiempo. Las invito a auto-explorarse, a ir a una clínica a hacerse exámenes, o, si es cuestión de dinero, buscar alguna clínica u organización que de estos servicios gratis en su ciudad. El dinero ya no es una excusa para no ir a hacerse exámenes. Hay que reducir los números de mortalidad y a incrementar los números de sobrevivientes! Trabajemos juntos por la cura!

Si van a viajar a California, o si vives en California, te invito a que apoyes a esta noble causa visitando el parque de diversiones Knott's Berry Farm. Desde hoy al 27 de Marzo te ahorraras $26 dólares cuando compres tu boleto en linea. Les cuento que esta fue mi primera vez visitando Knott's y lo ame. Estaba lloviendo pero aun así lo disfrute mucho. No soy mucho de subirme a juegos pesados pero hay para todos. Quiero regresar con toda mi familia!

3 Green Tea Recipes That Will Help You Start Your New Year's Resolutions

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SweetWarmUp #CollectiveBias   
* Esta entrada a sido compensada por Collective Bias y sus anunciantes. Todas las opiniones son mias. 

The new year has officially kicked off and most of us are pumped to begin a new chapter in our life story. How many of you have the new year's resolution to be healthier this 2015? That's me too!  That is why I wanted to share with you a couple of awesome/delicious/affordable/quick/easy recipes that will help us achieve that goal. Let's face it, many of us begin the year pumped up and somewhere along the line "we drop the towel." Part of it, I think, has to do with getting bored with routine. Green tea is awesome, but how many cups can we drink before we get tired of the same drink over and over again? To avoid that, I decided to share with you three ways to spice up your green tea using Bigelow Green Tea and a zero-calorie sweetener. 
El año nuevo ha comenzado oficialmente y muchas de nosotras estamos emocionadas por comenzar a llevar a acabo nuestras resoluciones de año nuevo. Para muchas de nosotras nuestra resolución es estar mas sanas este 2015. Por eso quise empezar el primer post del año con unas ricas/economicas/rapidas/faciles recetas que nos ayudaran a cumplir nuestro propósito. Seamos realistas, muchas empezamos el año con muchas energías y ganas de mejorar en "x" cosa pero a medida que pasa el tiempo tiramos la toalla. Yo creo que la razón tiene que ver con crear una rutina que se vuelve aburrida. El té verde es muy bueno, pero, ¿Cuantas tazas de té verde podemos tomar ates de que nos enfademos? Por eso, aquí les comparto estas recetas para darle un toque mas delicioso a su té verde usando Bigelow Green Tea y una endulzante con cero calorías. Esto nos ayudara a que el proceso sea mas fácil y, por que no, mas delicioso.